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Traditional Kilim Rug 269x362cm

Traditional Kilim Rug 269x362cm

SKU: STK00121

Here we have a beautiful traditional handmade Kilim rug. Impressively large and pretty hefty in weight too.


If you want a quick rundown on Kilim rugs, please read below



Kilim rugs show a decisive difference to hand-knotted rugs - they are woven by hand. Thus, they do not have a high pile of wool and are often flatter and rougher than knotted wool rugs. Kilim rugs are also much lighter and can be laid out from the front and back side. Hand-woven kilims originally come from the former Persia and are now also often made in Afghanistan. They have rather simple, straightforward patterns, which are determined by their weaving technique.


    Measurements: W269 x L361cm


    If you're unable to collect this item then we can arrange a delivery service. We can deliver to most parts of the UK with only a handfull of exclusions, for further details please check out our delivery & returns policy

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