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Woodberry Grey Large Balustrade Coffee Table pictured upon white rug with green chairs in the background

Woodcroft Grey Large Balustrade Coffee Table

SKU: STK0510

The Coffee Table, the centre piece to all living rooms. Whilst it can be a dumping ground for remote controls and magazines, it’s also a place where your style can come to life.


The Woodberry Large Grey Balustrade Coffee Table is just incredible, It’s grandeur, imposing balustrade structure is certainly eye catching. Finished beautifully with single slab of Blue Stone for the top.


    Measurements: W90cm x L160cm x H46cm

    Materials:  Popular Wood, Bluestone


    If you're unable to collect this item then we can arrange a delivery service. We can deliver to most parts of the UK with only a handfull of exclusions, for further details please check out our delivery & returns policy

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