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Woodcroft Large 3 Drawer Sideboard

Woodcroft Large 3 Drawer Sideboard

SKU: STK0099

We love a sideboard, especially one that doesn’t sink into the background - this sideboard grabs your attention as soon as you enter the room! A massive chest of drawers, it’s not to be taken lightly. Not only does it look stunning with its time warn appearance and paper lined drawers, but the top is carved from a single piece of Blue Stone. Wow!


    Measurements: W159cm x H86cm x D56cm


    • Distressed Grey (With a touch of Duck Egg)
    • The Interiors of the drawers are lined with decorative paper.
    • Tiber: Douglas Fir
    • Solid Bluestone Top

    If you're unable to collect this item then we can arrange a delivery service. We can deliver to most parts of the UK with only a handfull of exclusions, for further details please check out our delivery & returns policy

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