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Ledbury 6 Column Coffee Table

Ledbury 6 Column Coffee Table

SKU: STK0515-516

Our Ledbury coffee table is here! Not too big and certainly not too small, just the perfect size upon to rest your feet or plonk a mug of tea. Believe it or not these beautiful tables are made from solid mahogany, which undergoes a process of sun beaching, to strip that dark red(ish) colour. They’re then hand-finished with a final coat of smokey white oil. The result is a beautifully neutral, pale timber sporting suitable protection against those dreaded spills and sticky fingers.


    Measurements: L120cm x H47cm x W60cm

    Materials: Rustic Beached Mahogany


    If you're unable to collect this item then we can arrange a delivery service. We can deliver to most parts of the UK with only a handfull of exclusions, for further details please check out our delivery & returns policy

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